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  Brief introduction of acetate eyewear
  By Topview Eyewear. Published on Jul 15,2015

If you ask what is now the most popular eyewear, someone will think of acetate eyewear(Include the acetate sunglasses, acetate Lamination eyewear). Acetate eyewear not only with variety styles, rich colors, but also not cause skin sensitivity, so more and more people are welcome acetate eyeframes.

acetate eyewear
With the development manufacturing technology of acetate eyewear, for the present, acetate eyewear changed the monotony of style, there is a variety of dazzling colors and shapes, not only has high gloss color acetate eyeframes, but also there are beautifully engraving and material acetate lamination eyeframes. It can be said that Acetate eyewear has become the current high-end eyeframes in the mainstream as well Titanium eyewear and Metal eyewear

 acetate sunglasses

Acetate eyewear on the market can be said too mixed up, which is flooded with many general acetate eyeframes with poor workmanships and low quality raw material. It is not a quite easy thing to select of a pair of high quality acetate eyewear. First of all, let us from root- "acetate" material to start. Current acetate composition is mostly cellulose acetate; propionate acetate also has a few advanced frames. cellulose acetate are divided into injection-type and repression of Polish type, injection-type as the name implies is formed by mould injection, but currently most acetate eyewear are pressing-polish type. As far as the acetate origin, France and Italy of acetate better, Japan is also quite good, a lot of high-end acetate eyeframes derived from these high qualities of acetate material. However, in recent years, due to the improvement of acetate manufacturing technology in China, also more and more high praise by the vast number of foreign and domestic’s customers.

Then it concerned how to processed acetate into acetate eyewear.      
Top Processing technology and workmanships not only makes top quality and comfortable acetate eyewear, but also showing your personality, can also be important decorations. Now acetate frames using the five techniques below:

1. Lamination acetate technics, it refers to lamination different acetate colors, different material together on acetate eyewear. Showing pictures below.

acetate eyewear
  acetate eyewear

3.Notching:(CNC Machine)Notching rims outside and inside according frames shape. It takes 1-2 day.

4.Decorating: frames processing, takes 1-2 days, most of factory takes the same time.

5.Handiwork processing:Rough handle frames by rasp, takes 1-2 day.

6.Bending and shooting:Shooting and Hinge welding, takes 1-2 day.


4. Point paint technics, namely operators using a paint pen smudge at the temples, to paint lacquer evenly on the acetate temples;

5. Corrosion teachnics, use chemical agents to make acetate temples change colors, such as darker color change to light dims. For low-level quality acetate eyewear, of course we can find their process more simplify, generally not used in lamination colors, mosaics and other more sophisticated technics. High-grade Acetate eyewear tend to use a variety of technology to create unusual color and mix.

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