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  Eyewear Size
  By Topview Eyewear. Published on July 11,2013

Q: I saw a pair of eyewear that are size 43-22-145. What does this mean, and how can I determine what my size would be?
A: All eyewear frames have standardized size measurements to help manufacturers and optometrist fit them appropriately for consumers. The first number, 43, represents the size of the lenses. The second number, 22, is the bridge size, which ensures that the frame fits your nose. The third number, 140, is the temple length — temples are the parts that hook over the ears.

Eyewear Size

Each person's face is shaped differently, of course, and would require different frame measurements. And to make it more complicated, frames vary by their shapes and sizes, so there is no set of numbers that would apply to one person for all frames. Each frame must be fitted individually.

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