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  Features of aluminium eyewear
  By Topview Eyewear. Published on Jul 5,2013

Pure aluminium is the main material of aluminium eyewear and aluminium sunglasses, to reinforce the strength and hardness, normally a small amount of magnesium or other kinds of metal materials would be added in, that makes the frame good hardness, and good corrosion resistance. Aluminium eyewear has its outstanding characteristics like good hardness, low density, good heat dissipation and strong compression resistance, all of these can meet the requirements of lightness, anti-collision and heat dissipation. Here's a quick overview for the highlighted features of our aluminium eyewear products.


Features of aluminium eyewear 1:


The gloss of frame is determined by the nature of the metal itself, the glossy and beautiful appearance of aluminium eyewear, is caused by the silver-white nature color of aluminium magnesium alloy, that is the essential for aluminium eyeglasses to get more luxurious and beautiful.


Features of aluminium eyewear 2:


Aluminium eyewear has the strong character of anti-corrosive, perspiration resistance, and not easy to peel off. After Anti-Oxidant coloring treatment ,there would generate high density of protective oxide coating on frame’s surface, which is effect on good corrosion resistance, perspiration resistance, and not easy to peel off.


Features of aluminium eyewear 3:


Aluminium eyewear is very eco- friendly. Aluminium magnesium alloy, after special treatment, it is nickel free, safe to the environment..


Features of aluminium eyewear 4:


Super lightness is one highlighted advantage of the aluminium eyewear , the aluminium’s density is 2.25 to 2.75 g/cm3 / cm3, it is density is 1/4 of copper, 1/3 stainless steel.


Features of aluminium eyewear 5:


Aluminium eyeglasses, with good pressure resistance, high wear resistance. After Anti-Oxidant coloring treatment ,there would be strong oxide coating covered, and its surface become very hard, even stronger than high speed steel.


Features of aluminium eyewear 6:


With lightness not easy to be deformed, aluminium has been commonly used and fit for optical eyeglasses and sports eyewear. Conforming to market developing requirement. aluminium manufacturing technology has kept improving , more and more advanced. Nowadays, raw super flexible aluminium has been launched and put into production, it is a big breakthrough from before non-flexible aluminium, using super-flex aluminium, the flexibility of aluminium eyewear is almost equal to Titanium eyewear, but the price is much cheaper.

  Features of aluminium eyewear 7

Finished Aluminium eyewear looks so perfect, but the production technology of aluminium eyewear is very complicated. Thus, only few factory can produce high quality aluminium frame , most of the aluminium glasses factories has rough production, and frame structure is simple.


Aluminium eyewear is one of our most advantage products, with many years of continue research and study, we have learnt and well handled key technologies for aluminium eyewear manufacturing,  such as perfectly insert hinges, stable Anti-Oxidant coloring treatment for mass production for difficult structure in high quality. Contrast with most aluminium eyewear manufacturer to adopt traditional production method, such as, in hinge insertion, must need screw and trivets to fix front and hinge to assist hinge insert. We can directly insert hinge into front, just like proceed acetate frame, no need extra tool to assist, to make sure the perfect hinge insertion; We work out series of aluminium production flow, from selecting raw material, production process control, QC control, to guarantee the stable high quality of aluminium production. We have confidence that we are definitely quality leader for aluminium eyewear.

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