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  Lenses applicable for acetate Eyewear
  By Topview Eyewear. Published on Aug 20,2017

Lenses can be divided into glass lenses, PC lenses, CR39 resin lenses, nylon lens, AC lenses (acrylic) according to different materials. Are all these lenses applicable for acetate eyewear? Now, let’s study together and find out which lenses is more applicable for acetate eyewear. 

The first type of lenses applicable for acetate eyewear: Glass lenses. Lenses made of this material have the best clarity and hardness than other lenses, but it is not easy to cut pieces because of its hardness which cause some difficulties for eyewear manufacturer during production. The manufacturing process and dyeing process of glass lenses is a little complicated , so the curvature and color choices of glass lenses is quite limited. 

The second type of lenses applicable for acetate eyewear: CR39 resin lenses. CR39 lenses is a kind of lenses widely used on acetate eyewear, which has high clarity and hardness.If added a little UV material during the production of CR39 resin lenses, it will have a full anti-ultraviolet effect. What’s more, the price of CR39 lenses is moderate. All of these properties make CR39 resin lenses become one of the most widely used lenses on acetate eyewear and acetate sunglasses.

The third type of lenses applicable for acetate eyewear: Nylon lenses. The Light transmittance and hardness of Nylon lenses is not so good as CR39 lenses, but its toughness is the best among all the other lenses and its anti-ultraviolet effect is also very good. Nylon lenses are also frequently used on acetate eyewear.

The forth type of lenses applicable for acetate eyewear: AC lenses. AC lenses are also commonly known as stereotypes and generally used on acetate optical frames just produced. These lenses will be removed and reinstalling the minus lens when the customer is to use it.

It is important to note that PC lenses can not be used on acetate eyewear. The material of acetate eyewear is mainly made of cellulose acetate fiber, which will set off a chemical reaction and lead to the PC lenses to be broken easily after they contact with each other for a long time. So pls pay great attention to this point.

In conclusion, CR39 resin lenses is the most widely used lenses on acetate eyewear. However, which kind of lenses to be used on acetate eyewear is finally determined on the choice of clients as well as the specific structure of the acetate frame. For example, the acetate optical frames are often using the AC lenses.  

Each type of lens has its most matched eyewear style. For example, CR39 resin lenses is applicable for acetate eyewear; PC lenses is applicable for plastic eyewear; For rimless frames or frames with lenses punched( such as metal eyewear), Nylon lenses is more applicable for them; AC lenses is ofter used for optical frames; Nylon lenses or CR39 resin lenses are widely used for both aluminium eyewear and carbon fiber eyewear.

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