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  The Production Process Of Acetate Eyewear
  By Topview Eyewear. Published on May 15,2013

Eyewear must be manufactured with great attention to detail because they are critical in supporting lenses to improve vision, they must be comfortable for the wearer, and they are an accessory to professional dress and personal style. Although some processes for making frames are performed by machines, operators are responsible for each step and are quality controllers for their particular operations. The eyewear industry has become highly competitive because of the aspects of fad and fashion involved, but operators are well aware that their products provide vision care.Frames and temples of eyewear can be rejected at any step in the process of manufacturing. Now, let’s deeply have a deep understanding of it.

Acetate eyeglasses produce

Acetate eyewear materials preparation:Usually we use Mazzucchelli, Jinyu or Creation acetate,the Mazzucchelli acetate ready date is 30-90 days,the Jinyu and creation acetate ready date is 20-75 days. Most of the factories use domestic normal acetate instead, acetate preparation date only 20 days. We use COMOTEC hinges or OBE hinges,the preparation date islonger compares to normal domestic hinges,especial for some special hinges.

1.Sawing acetate: a. Sawing acetate into pieces according frames size, it takes 1-2 days;
b.Then engraving machine notching inner rims,it takes 2 days;Most of factories without the 2nd  step , save more than 1-2 day.

2.Shrinking:All the acetate shrinking up to 7-12 days, the finished products will be more shining and not deformed. Most of the factories shrinking acetate 1-2 days, or use auto-shrink machine, it won's have good effect.

Shrinking Acetate
  CNC Machine for acetate notching

3.Notching:(CNC Machine)Notching rims outside and inside according to frames shape. It takes 1-2 days.

4.Decorating:Decorating frames processing, takes 1-2 days, most of the factories takes the same time.

5.Handiwork processing:Rough handle frames by rasp, takes 1-2 days.

6.Bending and shooting:Shooting and Hinge welding, takes 1-2 days.


7.Tumbling:Our factory tumbling at least 3 times,for Rough Tumbling(2 days), Middle Tumbling(1 days), Fine Tumbling(1 days), we take 6 days; Most of factories only 2 times tumbling,takes2-3 days.

8.Notching:Notching rims outside and inside, takes 1 day. It makes frame lines very standard and perfect effect, regular factories without this processing.

Tumbling and polishing

9.Hand polishing and Shinning:at least 3 times,for rough polishing, middle polishing, fine polishing. regular factories only need 2 times. It takes 3-5days.

10. Customize logo:Printing/engraving/Varnishing/stamping etc. normally take at least 1-3days.

11.Assembling:Assembling frames and lenses. Takes 1-2 days.

12.Shinning and packaging: fine shinning, to polish scratches and dirty dots on frames, final polishing the frames, then packaging frames as per customers requirement. takes 2 days.

From material preparation to delivery, for the lead time, we have taken 30 days or more, more than majority of the factories. Our normal delivery is about 3 months or more after balance is cleared and order details confirmed. In order to guarantee the top quality, we use the same manufacturing standard for all our costomers.

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