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  The Production process of matel eyewear
  By Topview Eyewear. Published on Aug 20,2013

Usually, metal eyewear material ranges are nickel silver, stainless steel, titanium etc... These materials processed through precision processing, electroplated with gold, silver, or popular painting colors finish. Metal eyewear is sturdy and durable; it has smooth surface and good appearance, light weight. Following is a brief introduction about our metal eyewear producing process:

1. After we receive customer's order, we will study carefully as per customer's specific requirements; we will work and confirm with customers every details in order to ensure that the products meet customers specific requirements. During the producing processes, the production order sheet will be arranged to different departments such as design department, material procurement department, accessories department, assemble department, electrplating and painting department, assembling and shipping department.

2. Samples production.  We can make the technical drawings as per customer’s specific requirement and physical samples. After the drawing approved well, samples production will be started, then ship the samples for our customer approval. Final confirmation of the sample is the basis.

3. Material preparing. Our materials procurement department will book materials according to customers orders needs, the materials includes eye wire, bridge metal and end piece and other accessories, temples tips material etc. Metals generally have nickel silver, stainless steel, titanium etc, in order to ensure the quality; most of our metal materials we used are high quality which imported from foreign Countries.

4. Accessories producing, After materials reach to us, we will process oil pressing or wire cutting the material or semi-finished products, then the accessories will go through bending, cutting, welding, polishing, tumbling, shinning, etc.

5. Welding group main process: welding rim lock→ open rim lock→ welding metal bridge →welding cross bridge→ welding nose arm→ welding hinge→ welding spring hinge box→ welding frame

6. Acetate parts group process (including temples tips, plastic temples): acetate cutting→ shooting metal core→ cut temple→ temple decorating →handiwork→ bend temples→ tumbling → polishing →QC, final process is for frame assembling.

7. Lens cutting. Firstly making eye mold based on CAD drawing, and then fix eye mold on cutting machine to cut lenses.

8. Assemble process. According to the orders assembling group assemble for the front, temples/temples tips, lenses. Now, a metal eyewear are finished.

9. Final inspection. After the assembly is completed, if metal eyewear has attached acetate temple tips, it will process final polishing and shinning, and then clean the frame and processed final inspection. All products must get through final inspection before shipment.

Finally, according to the requirements of the customers, we ship the goods through express (usually we use FedEx, DHL, or UPS) or by air to transport the goods to the customer's hands, we'll do the tracking and tracing for the goods, once we find the shipping problem, we will act promptly to handle the problem. After customer received the products, customerif there is feedback with any questions, our related person will seriously study and then make a proper investigation until issur resolved and the the customer is satisfied.

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