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The difference between aluminium eyewear and metal eyewear

  By Topview Eyewear. Published on Augl 30,2017

When talk about metal eyewear, people normally connect with stainless steel, nickel silver, titanium, monel eyewear etc, however, few people will consider aluminium eyewear. Indeed aluminium is also becoming one more and more popular and easy find raw metal eyewear materials.

Aluminium eyeframes

However, because of pure aluminium material is soft, weak and low melting point, could not be well welded between each components, and aluminium eyewear coloring treatment is much difficult to proceed , caused the production of high quality aluminium eyewear and aluminium sunglasses is quite complicated. Currently, most of eyewear manufacturers are merely capable to produce the simple aluminium eyeframes structures, and all finished frames’ each parts need screws and rivets to connect and fix. Faced the circumstance- aluminium eyewear production is generally low quality and low output. Topview eyewear manufactory devoted to provide high quality aluminium eyewear production ,and had never ever stop the passion and perseverance to pursuit quality, with decades study and trial, from the early aluminium parts production only to finished frames. Topview eyewear manufacturer did lots of breakthroughs to conquer many difficulties in aluminum manufacturing, such as the perfect connection between front and temple, now we can make the accurate matching same as nomal metal eyewear, titanium eyewear and acetate eyewear. In order to for you better know the highlighted advantages of aluminum eyewear ,hereby, we briefly introduce the difference between aluminum eyewear and ordinary metal eyeglasses.The following are mainly from the material natures, production process , surface treatment process and other aspects to explain

Metal eyeframes

The difference between aluminium eyewear and metal eyewear 1:

Metal Eyewear commonly used materials are stainless steel, nickel silver, titanium, etc., stainless steel is hardness, nickel silver is soft, titanium is strength and lightweight, each type of them has its unique characteristics, and every optician or wearers have lots of knowledge about them. Here, let us focus on Aluminium eyewear. To overcome the soft nature of pure aluminium, in production, usually small amount magesium and other metal elements would be mixed in raw aluminium , so that it could be enough hardness, and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for producing bulk eyewear. Therefore, aluminum eyeglasses is lighter and good anti-corrosion compared to ordinary metal eyeglasses, and its weight is only 1/3 of nickel silver and stainless steel eyewears, 1/2 of titanium eyeglasses . But we must confess titanium eyeglasses is more flexible.

The difference between aluminium eyewear and metal eyewear 2:

Aluminium eyewear production process is much different from stainless steel, nickel silver, and titanium production. For regular metal eyewear production , the basic process is welding join each individual metal parts together, then polished, plating and go ahead further processes. However, due to the nature of aluminum, most eyewear manufactories proceed as traditional production method and formula , each parts could not be welded, only through the screws and rivets to connect and join each parts together. It extremely limits the diversity of aluminium eyewear design , and leaded aluminium eyewear is monotonous and difficult to raise up . We did lots of breakthrough to conquer many difficulties in aluminium manufacturing, avoid screws and rivets connect, and can produce various of aluminium eyewear structure.

The difference between aluminium eyewear and metal eyewear 3:

Aluminium eyewear is completely different from stainless steel, nickel silver, titanium production. Ordinary metal eyeglasses are generally plated or sprayed to make the surface of the glasses show a variety of different colors, the surface effect could be shiny color, or matte…The coloration treatment of aluminum eyeglasses could only be handled by Anti-Oxidant , the usual surface effect is matte, and is not suitable to make shiny effect. However, the advantages of oxygen treatment is coloring more stable, not easy color peeling off, anticorrosion, and not easy to be damage in humid or high temperature environment.
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