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The status of aluminium eyewear factory in China

  By Topview Eyewear. Published on Augl 28,2017

First of all,let us to study what is aluminium eyewear? What is the material of aluminium eyewear? Aluminium eyewear and aluminium sunglasses, the main material is aluminium, as the aluminium is relatively soft, so generally add some magnesium in it. After adding magnesium, it will be hardness and strength enough, it is more suitable for eyewear. Now let us study where are the manufacturers of aluminium eyewear and aluminium sunglasses? Here we will briefly introduce the status and competitiveness of aluminium eyewear factory in China.

Aluminium factory in china,Shenzhen

   Most of us know the mainly factories of aluminium eyeframes are in Wenzhou , the quantity is more than 1/2, the others are mainly in Xiamen and Shenzhen. The quality of aluminium eyeglasses which made in Wenzhou factories are low-end, bout the quality of aluminium eyeglasses which made in Xiamen and Shenzhen factories are high-end.

The mainly advantages of the aluminium eyewear factories in Wenzhou as below: low costs of labor, surrounding complete industrial chain of the parts, also the higher popularity. But the disadvantage is low quality as they just need the quantity. So most of their aluminium eyeframes productions are low quality. The advantages of the aluminium eyewear factories in Xiamen and Shenzhen is more focused on technology and quality. So most of the productions are high quality. But the disadvantage is that the price is a little higher.

In fact, very few aluminium eyewear factories have the technology and capacity to produce the high-quality aluminium eyeglasses in Shenzhen and Xiamen. Because aluminium eyewear are unlike ordinary metal eyewear, all the parts of ordinary eyewear can be used the welding and other ways to connect. But different parts of aluminium eyeframe can only be fixed with screws and so on, which greatly limits the diversification style. In addition, the plating of aluminium eyeframes is very unstable. The wastage is very high in this process. Because there are many processes in the production of aluminium eyeframes.  At the beginning of the popular time, many aluminium eyewear factories produce aluminium eyewear in Xiamen and Shenzhen. Because of these problems, eventually many factories gave up. But many factories kept on producing aluminium eyewear in Wenzhou, because the requirements of quality are not so high, with low labor costs.

Topview at the beginning of the production of aluminium eyeglasses, have experienced these problems, after our technicist keeping working hard over these years,the parts can connect with special way, such as the front and the temples can directly connected with hinges,just as acetate eyewear and metal eyewear. The surface of our aluminium eyewear after anodized coating , the color will be symmetrical、exquisite and bright. These has been praised by most of our customers.

No need screw and trivets to fix the aluminium eyewear's front

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