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Different materials used for eyewear

Different materials used for eyewear, Eyewear materials essentially come in Acetate (acetate eyewear), Metal (metal eyewear), aluminum (aluminium eyewear), Carbon fiber (Carbon fiber eyewear), Buffalo horn, wood, and sometimes a combination of its. In our factory, there are a number of options, each with it's own advantages. 

1.    Eyewear material: Acetate.

Acetate eyewear materail

Acetate eyewear materials are essentially plastic. They are otherwise known as a material called zyl, which is one of the most popular types of frame materials in the eyewear industry.

2.Eyewear material: Metal

Matel eyewear materail

 Good quality metal eyewear can involve up to different good metal materials in order to produce them.  Some metals such as titanium are even more complex. A typical metal frame can take up to more time to manufacture. In general, metal is lightweight, strong, flexible and anti-corrosive, making them ideal for frame production.    
Monel is an alloy, a mixture of two or more metals.  It's highly rust resistant, flexible and stronger than steel.

Stainless Steel 
Stainless steel is made from a blend of steel and chromium, making it a very strong metal with an element of flexibility that is easily accessible. While it weighs more than titanium it can be made very thin, thus reducing its weight. It will not corrode and is nickel free, again making it hypoallergenic which is good for those with sensitive skin

3. Eyewear material:Titanium
Titanium is grey in colour and the lightest of all the metal frames. When combined with modern day plastic lenses it makes for a very comfortable pair of glasses.  It is corrosion resistant, hypoallergenic and can be produced in a variety of colours. 
Pure titanium is expensive and as a result, it is typically blended with nickel or copper to product a titanium alloy for greater affordability.  
Flexon is a proprietary titanium-alloy and 'memory material' that enables the wearer to twist, bend and crush the frame without affecting it's shape.   
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4. Eyewear material:Aluminum

Aluminum Eyewear and Aluminum sunglasses made from aluminum are lightweight and highly corrosion-resistant. Aluminum is used primarily by high-end eyewear designers because of the unique look it creates.Pure aluminum is actually soft and weak, but commercial aluminum with small amounts of silicon and iron is hard and strong.

5. Eyewear materials: Buffalo horn

Natural Buffalo horn eyeglasses are extremely light, very comfortable to wear, pleasing to the touch and suitable for many skin allergy sufferers.
horn is a lightweight, comfortable and beautiful frame material that is able to command such a high price.  While horn from Asian water buffalo is plentiful, few manufacturers have the skill to transform horn into eyewear. Only the most skilled workers at the best frame fabricators have the capability of carving and polishing horn materials in a manner suitable for luxury eyewear.
Just as all horns in nature have differences in color, pattern and striations, ranging from subtle to significant, each pair of natural horn frames is a little bit different than the next.

6. Eyewear materials: Carbon fiber 

Carbon fiber eyewear materail


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