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How to nurse your eyewear

How to nurse your eyewear (include sunglasses, Acetate eyewear, Metal eyewear, etc.)

How to nurse your eyewear

1.  Wear and put off eyewear: With both hands holding the elbow parallel direction and pick wear on both sides along the check. If pick with one hand only would break left and right balance of the frame, and cause distortion.

2.  Folding frame from the left temple. Most of the frame design are started to fold from left temple, so if you fold the right temple, it is likely to cause deformation of the frame.

3.  Placement: If it is a temporary place glasses, glasses convex on top. If the convexity facing down, lenses will be spent.

4.  Clean lens: Use a dedicated wipe the mirror clean cloth, note be sure to hold the glasses by hand on one side of the frame edges, gently wipe the lens. Avoid excessive force causing damage to frames or lenses.

5.  Lenses when stained ash or dirt: Dry erase easy spent lenses, suggest rinse with water then using napkin dry water. When the lens is dirty, it is recommended that use low levels of neutral detergent to clean, rinse with water then dry with napkin.

6. Please use spectacle case: When you are not wearing glasses, please use a dust cloth and to be wrapped into a glasses case. please avoid insect repellent, toilet supplies, cosmetics, hair spray, medicines corrosive items such as contacts, it will cause a deterioration, discolor of lenses and frame.

7.  Glasses deformation. Glasses deformation makes heavier press on the nose or ears; the lens is easy to loose, recommends regular adjustment to eyewear shops.

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