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Which sunglasses lenses are better?

 Which sunglasses lenses are better? Reference to eyewear, many people' s understanding only limit to the material of eyewear and lenses.  

Metal alloys (metal eyewear), acetate (acetate eyewear) and pure titanium (titanium eyewear) which we talked about frequently are all within the scope of the eyewear material used. But regarding eyewear lenses material, non-professional people don’t know much about it. especially for name brands sunglasses lenses material, seldom people are familiar with it. Today, let’s have a rough learning of sunglasses lenses related knowledge.  

Sunglasses Lenses

Sunglasses are usually used to shelter from the sunshine, in order to reduce the eyes’ fatigue or damage caused by the glare. Therefore, the choice of sunglasses lenses material is quite different from ordinary optical glasses used for vision correction.   

Generally speaking, sunglasses lenses materials are mainly glass, resin, nylon, polycarbonate etc. 

Sunglasses glass lenses have two kinds: high-end and low-end. 

CR-39, or allyl diglycol carbonate (ADC), is a plastic polymer commonly used in the manufacturer of eyewear lenses. The abbreviation stands for "Columbia Resin #39", which was the 39th formula of a thermosetting plastic developed by theColumbia Resins project. It’s optical quality is almost as good as glass (and far better than all the other options we will look at), it is half as heavy as glass, it is much more resistant to shattering, and still very resistant to scratches.

glass lenses have excellent optical properties and are anti- knock, anti - scrape & 100% UV protected. But ordinary glass lenses are easy to be broken and not easy to cut.    

The well known Polaroid sunglasses mainly use resin polarized lens material. The principle is the same as shutters. The lenses can filter parasitic light, so we see things more clearly.  

Nylon sunglasses lenses’ advantage is they are of high flexibility, good optical quality and high impact resistance. The disadvantage of nylon lenses is that it not easy made polarized lenses, and it’s cost is very high.

PC, full name is Polycarbonate. Since it is difficult to be broken and impact resistant, it’s used especially for sports eyewear lenses, cheap pc eyeframes or cheap metal eyeframes. It’s also used in making sunglasses polarized lenses which can guarantee both quality and effectiveness. What needs special attention is the pc lens Unsuited to acetate eyewear.

Of course, there are other sunglasses lens materials which also have their own advantages and characteristics, the consumers can learn more. But one view of point needs to be corrected, Polaroid lens not means the material style, it is a kind of sunglasses lens which has Polaroid effect. Many lenses’ material can be made into Polaroid and well protect the eyes from glare impact. 

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