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The brief of eyewear progressive lenses?

 What do you know about eyewear progressive lenses? Progressive lenses, sometimes called "no-line bifocals," give you a more youthful appearance by eliminating the visible lines found in bifocal (and trifocal) lenses. But beyond being just a multicolor lens with no visible lines, progressive lenses offer other advantages as well: primarily, the ability to see at all distances, including at arm's length for computer use and up close for reading. Following is the brief of eyewear progressive sunlens.

Progressive eyewear lenses are now becoming some of the most favorable products for wearers. Those lenses are really unique in many aspects, and can help overcome many demerits in conventional lined lenses. And there are two main forms of those lenses, namely bifocal and trifocal. Here is some detailed information about the two lenses.

Progressive bifocal lenses are some of the earliest products in this series. They are the results of upgrading on bifocal lenses. Bifocal lenses are lined with two very evident vision areas on the top and lower part of the lenses respectively. It is true that those lenses have helped many people initially. However, some problems also arise in those lenses- some people find it is very uneasy to wear those lenses, for they have to suffer from sudden vision change while looking at objects of different distance; or some other people can not withstand such pain. Therefore, the emergence of no-lined lenses is wanted. Those progressive lenses have really overcome those problems and shortcomings successfully.

But there is a fact, that some people find those progressive bifocals are not so nice in some situations. For example, the vision areas are also too radical and there should another vision area for transition. Henceforth, the coming of progressive trifocal lenses has benefited a lot of wearers. They find that those advanced lenses are really ideal for them. They have both those merits in progressive bifocals and some their own advantages. Usually, wearers will feel much comfortable with them, for the vision changes are very natural. Still, these lenses can also ensure people enjoy great vision clarity. Or some wearers think they feel no lenses on their faces with them.

In fact, the result of progressive Vs trifocal lenses can reveal much great difference between the two. They are totally different in solving eye problems and other compilations in common glasses. The former one can also provide great comfort to wearers at any time with great vision clarity, whereas the later has some shortcomings.

Eyewear progressive lenses require careful placement relative to the wearer's pupil centre for a distance-viewing reference position. Incorrect specification of the fitting location can cause problems for the wearer including (depending on the design of the lens) narrow fields of view, clear vision in one eye only, on-axis blur, and the need to alter the natural head position in order to see clearly. In conclusion, progressive spectacles lenses are much better than ordinary lined lenses. And it is a good idea to choose them at any time, for more and more achievements are now made on them in terms of both functions and designs.

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