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Each natural horn frame is one of a kind, crafted by hand from the horn of the Indian water buffalo. Only the best part of each horn is used, based on strict criteria regarding quality, unusual coloring and aesthetic structure.

Natural Buffalo horn eyeglasses are extremely light, very comfortable to wear, pleasing to the touch and suitable for many skin allergy sufferers.

But the buffalo horn eyewear's production is not easy. It's quite difficult and the technology is high which includes equipment, operators, processing of raw materials. If materials processing technology is not mature, the finished products will appear crackage, bounce, delaminated or other issues.

Front View: This buffalo horn eyeframes is Medium Brown, lightweight, comfortable.
buffalo horn eyeglasses03-front view
Side view: This buffalo horn eyeframes with a flexible spring hinge, it is very comfortable!!!
buffalo horn eyeglasses03-side view
Side view: This buffalo horn eyeframess with a flexible spring hinge, it is very comfortable!!!
buffalo horn eyeglasses03-front view
Color optional :Multiple color optional, and you can select the color from our horn color chip.
Topview is a professional eyewear manufacturer,we can manufacture buffalo horn eyewear in various sizes in colors as provided by the nature from solid horn tip as well as from hollow portion. Shapes & styles can be manufactured according to customers' specifications.
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