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  About Our Company:  
  Q: How to do business with us?  
  A: If you want to order, please visit our website (http://www.eyewearsupplier.com ) or our factory, you can contact us by mail (sales@eyewearsupplier.com )or phone. You are welcome to contact us for detail, thanks.  
  Q: How many people in your Factory?  
  A: Our factory is registered in HK with facory in Hengguang, guandong, china with 150-250 staffs. we are with best creditability, reliability at your absolute promise.  
  About the acetate and metal color?  
  Q: How to chose the color of Acetate and Metal?  

A: If you would like to select Acetate colors or Metal plating color, please kindly let us know your requirements, we will take photos or send you color samples for your approval. Or you can visit our website links for reference in bellow:

  1. Select the Acetate Color: http://www.eyewearsupplier.com/acetatecolor.html  
  2. Select the Metal Color: http://www.eyewearsupplier.com/metalplatingcolor.html  
  About Our Products:  
  Q: What’s your main products?  
  A: We are one of Eyewear OEM factory specializing in Acetate eyewear(Especially for Lamination eyewear), Titanium eyewear, Metal eyewear, etc.  
  Q: What kind of materials do you use?  
  A: Acetate, Metal: Nickel silver, monel, stainless steel, Pure titanium, beta titanium; and Aluminium material, Bufflo horn, etc.  
  Q: What the materials of the lens?  
  A: Usually we have the following different material lens to match eyeframes: Acrylic lens (demo lens for optical frames), CR-39 lens, nylon lens, Polarized lens. About the sunlens, we use Carl Zeiss or YueHeng Sunlens for most of our customers, they are both high grade quality sunlens.  
  About Place the order:  
  Q: Do you have the minimum quantity requests for the order?  
  A: Yes, we have. Generally, The acetate eyewear and metal eyewear, the MOQ is 300pcs for each model in 3 colors. Refer to the total, even only one model is accepted. About the Buffalo horn eyewear, the MOQ is 30pcs for each model in 3 colors.  
  Q: What about the delivery time?  
  A: For the first order, it is about 2 month. For the re-order, it will be 60 to 90 days or more, it's depend on the material date time(Especially for the acetate material). You are welcome to contact us for detail, thanks.  
  Q: Can you produce according to our own design?  
  A:Yes, we can make your models which your design.
1. You just send us your detailed drawings such as AI, Corel Draw , CAD profile or real samples.
2. we make new models according your design or sample, and send for you comfirm.
3. we will modify if any changes needed.
4. if all ok, then you place the order, we start to do business.
5. Both totally new design and making a little change of our products are acceptable (will place order on this model).
  Q: How much is the tooling charge?  
  A: Depending on the tooling difficulty, For the Acetate frames and metal frames, if you order a good price or quantity, the fee may be cut off.  
  Q: How about your price?  
  A: Reasonable price and high quality. The price of our products is depends on the following factor: size and structure, material kind, manufacturing difficulty, coating cost and order quantity.  
  Q: How to get the samples?  
  A: You just send us your detailed drawings such as AI, Corel Draw , CAD profile or real samples, then we make new samples according your design or sample, and send for you comfirm. . We will offer the samples by way of your UPS or FedEx account No. So please kindly inform your courier account before delivery to avoid delay.  
  Q: What about the payment?  
  A: For the order , we need 30% deposit by T/T before production, 70% before the shipment.  
  About Our Quality Control:  
  Q: How is your quality management?  
  A: Quality check of material, quality control in production and final check before delivery are carried out to ensure our product quality.  
  Q: What test do you carry out?  
  A: Spring hinge durability test, soldering strength test, coating adhesive test, ISO12870 test, nickel free test and other required test.  
  Q: Who can you complain to or contact ?  
  A: If you have any questions or complaint, please contact us. All your suggestion will be highly appreciated.  
  For purpose of protect customers personal beneficial, hereby we grarantee that:  
  We will keep the confidential strictly and seriously for customer’s personal designs and products and information relating to any types to guarantee customers interests.  
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