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We are the first eyewear factory local in shenzhen that obtain ISCC Plus certification, we are licensed that allow to use sustainable or recycled raw materials for the production of eyewear products.

ISCC Plus is part of the ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) scheme. This voluntary scheme allows companies along the supply chain to monitor and demonstrate the sustainability of their products through the verification of sustainability, traceability and mass balance requirements. Topview Eyewear was certified as Processing Unit. Processing units are facilities that transform input materials by changing their physical and/or chemical characteristics. The audit of a processing unit covers the relevant requirements for its management system, traceability and supply chain.
We got the certification on 31st January 2022. thus qualified for the Acetate Renew program from Italian acetate producer Mazzucchelli and U.S. chemical specialist Eastman.
Sustainability is the mission of Topview. We have always taken responsibility for people and nature, Recommend to use sustainable materials priority in our production, At Topview, sustainability means constantly taking small and larger steps into the right direction.
Welcome more and more customers to join in us to promote the sustainable raw materials in the eyewear industry.

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