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MIDO will launch its new global themed campaign in 2024: "Eyewear Metaverse"



MIDO will be held at Fiera Milano Rho from February 3rd to 5th, 2024 to launch its new global theme event: "Glasses Yuan Universe", combining human creativity with artificial intelligence's innovative power. This is the first one. Use this technology development trade exhibition.


"MIDO President Giovanni Vitaloni said:" Not only in the glasses industry, Mido has been controlling and often predicting the wave of new trends. " "It has changed the concept of the traditional trade expo and transformed itself into a real global event. Whether it is in exhibits and surroundings, or in the field of continuing education (such as the OTTICLUB meeting, online). And digital innovation is one of the earliest exhibitions that develop applications in the world at the expo and use augmented reality in advertising activities. Today, we welcome artificial intelligence to provide us with the opportunity to explore new frontiers of visual communication to fully understand human creation To what extent to. It is irreplaceable. Understanding new technologies means knowing how to intelligently manage them. "


The selection of the event is the "Glasses Universe". The sphere that shapes the image is presented in graphics, which is part of the new universe. The planets of different sizes and colors create a background for the iconic style of the iconic style, which helps create a wonderful world: glasses.


In the second consecutive year, the creative direction was collaborated by designer and artist Max Gali with Mixer Group. Creative Director Max Galli said: "This event is a turning point in the advertising industry." Tools such as artificial intelligence have changed creativity and production dynamics, but human creativity has become a more and more valuable talent than ever. The ability of strong concepts, powerful ideas, and the ability to distinguish the beauty of one image and another image is still the ability to generate differences. We can create this sport by providing all the required elements for artificial intelligence -without our investment, it is impossible to create similar things. "

Cross -cultural and complex "Glasses Yuan Universe" will appear on global printing and the Internet, and will be developed around one theme, which will be announced in the next few months.

To learn about MIDO at any time, visit the website and the official social channel Instagram (@mido_displayment), Facebook (@midoexhibition), Twitter


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