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Features of carbon fiber material:


Carbon fiber is very light, lighter than other eyewear materials on the market. It is a new type of eyewear making material. After testing by our company, it is confirmed that carbon fiber of the same size is 29% lighter than titanium frame.


2. Corrosion Resistance

Carbon fiber is resistant to corrosion, acid, alkali, and salt. It has incomparable advantages in the field of anti-corrosion. It can also remain intact and not deformed in humid and harsh environments.

3. High Strength

Carbon fiber is 10 times stronger than steel and can withstand high temperatures of 2000 degrees Celsius without deformation, making it more durable.

Our production process:

The traditional carbon fiber frame itself is very light, but the overall appearance of the carbon fiber glasses on the market will be wide. In order to make the appearance of carbon fiber glasses more beautiful and light, through the joint efforts of our professional engineering team and design team: we do Here, the inner rim is made of 2MM ultra-thin carbon fiber, coupled with a 1.0MM ultra-thin carbon fiber lattice textured brow structure, which is combined with a special process, reflecting a layered design similar to ordinary metal glasses. The ring surface is embellished with the same precise car screws as the IPHONE, coupled with the ultra-thin and ultra-elastic German imported stainless steel hinge-free gold spleen, which brings you a different wearing experience that is only 11G ultra-light!
The structure and appearance of this carbon fiber material ring has become a major technological breakthrough in the field of glasses industry. With this new technology, we will apply carbon fiber material to more glasses frames with similar metal frame structure and appearance. "Exquisite but not luxurious, simple but not simple"


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