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What is the difference between vacuum plating and water plating?


One of the essential links in the production of metal eyeglass frames is electroplating,Electroplating can generally be divided into vacuum electroplating and water electroplating. What is the difference between these two electroplating methods? What are the advantages and disadvantages?


The big difference between water plating and vacuum plating is the price. The price of vacuum plating is higher than that of water plating. The natural process is also more complicated than water electroplating. Briefly introduce the advantages and disadvantages of these two:


 The cost of vacuum electroplating is higher than that of water electroplating, because if the vacuum electroplating is not UV oil, its adhesion is very poor, and it cannot pass the hundred test, and the water electroplating is obviously better than vacuum electroplating. Therefore, in order to ensure the adhesion of vacuum electroplating, special spraying treatment is required afterwards, and the cost is of course higher.


 The color of water electroplating is relatively monotonous. Generally, there are only sub-silver, gray silver, gun color, gold, black chrome, semi-gloss chrome and other seven colors. And vacuum plating can solve the seven-color problem.


 The general coating material of water electroplating is "hexavalent chromium", which is a non-environmentally friendly material. For "hexavalent chromium", there are the following requirements: EU: 76/769/EEC: prohibited use; 94/62/EC: <100ppm; ROHS: <1000ppm such strict requirements, some domestic manufacturers have begun to try to use "trivalent chromium" "Chromium" replaces "hexavalent chromium"; and the coating materials used in vacuum electroplating are extensive and easy to meet environmental protection requirements.


 Vacuum electroplating eyewear frames have high wear resistance. The eyewear frames made by vacuum electroplating have strong metallic feeling, high brightness, and can pass the friction test. Water-plated signs are worse in terms of wear resistance.


⑤ Water electroplating is relatively simple, and vacuum ion electroplating does not have strict requirements for equipment and environment, so it has been widely used. However, water electroplating has the disadvantage that it can only be electroplated with ABS materials and ABS PC materials (the effect of electroplating with this material is not very ideal). The heat resistance of ABS material is only 80°C, which limits its application scale. However, vacuum plating can reach about 200°C and can be used for high-temperature parts. Like the tuyere and tuyere ring using PC material, these parts must withstand a high temperature of 130°C. In addition, usually after vacuum plating, a layer of UV oil is sprayed on the parts that need high temperature resistance to make the appearance of the product shiny, high temperature resistance, and jointly ensure adhesion




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